Airborne pets: 6 ways to make sure your furry friends fly safely

While the disappearance of Ty, the 6-year old pit bull that went missing Oct. 31 on a Delta flight, continues to raise questions, Susan Smith offers a judicious response to other voyagers who wonder if it is safe to fly with their own furry friends.”There are lots of pets that get sent and one would expect there would not be even one event,” said Smith, president of


Cats educate human beings things all of the time. Like the best way to be patient when an animal is yelling, “Meow” in your face at 6 a.m. and why it is not a great idea to leave your headset on the flooring. Researchers want to make use of them to teach robots the best way to land erect. The old adage is true: Cats actually do land on their feet. (Well, for the large part).


you’re likely to need to clear some time in your program to see this video of a bulldog pup sleeping on repeat. In a video uploaded to YouTube before this month, a 12-day-old bulldog is seen lying on its back while kicking its legs, extending its arms (those paws!) and grunting during an evening rest — and every minute is adorable.

Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep

The tune was written by me with my buddy Brenden. We are called Brendo & Scott. Download “Kitten Air” here:
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