Dragan Azdejkovic

Dragan Azdejkovic, born at 1957. Graduated on Art Academu in Belgrade 1983. Member of ULUS, (United of serbian artists) of 1986.

2002 Dragan Azdejković is invited to exibit in two famous gallery in New York, Agora Gallery, an World Fine Art Gallery, he expect invite of serious art sponsors, because is nesessery about 2000$ for exibition.

Dragan Azdejkovich is a artist, painting in oil.
The paintings of artist Dragan Azdejkovich are a direct and doubtless alternatiDragan Azdejkovichve to that which Donald Kuspitdefined as “operatic” in visual arts. Namely, believing in patient and meticulous constructing of a painting, he avoids all pretensions, although not some theatrical elements; in his case, those elements are aimed toward depiction of inner processes, and the attempt to find modalities of related plastic intensities. Practically uninterested in communication at any price, Dragan’s paintings demand focused concentration from the viewer, and even, thanks to his personal feeling for the intimate, demand separation and meditation in confronting them. This strategic insistence on heavy, congested communication with a painting, Kuspit will call “visual chamber music”. Where visual “opera” wearily and without an aura, collapses in to its own arbitrariness, “visual chamber music” creates subtleties.
If the integrity of art can be returned again at all, that will happen through “visual chamber music” and painting which poetically belongs to that chamber circle.
To claim that Dragan Azdejkovich’s work belongs to the chamber visual circle doesn’t mean that his paintings can be classified in any school, group or style. On the contrary!
Thematically, morphologically and structurally it is completely original and personal; technically ritualised to the point of eccentricity, these paintings, unlike most, contain genuine feeling of joy and satisfaction in the act of painting.

“I paint what I like, when I like and where I like.” I know that Dragan knows this quote by famous British artist-painting in oil – David Hockney and I also know that future paintings by Dragan Azdejkovich will surprise himself first and than all of us, who find magical beauty in his work.
I paint what I like, when I like and where I like. Yes.


Online art gallery of fine artist Dragan Azdejkovich where he showcases his original oil paintings

The subjects painted by Dragan Azdejkovic are encased in bizarre costumes and disconnected isolation.The Woman Fighter depicts a glamorous woman dressed in a bright red hat decorated with two miniaturartist Dragan Azdejkoviche launch missiles. She is wired with a microphone.Behind her in what appears to be a wheat field we see a fighter plane crashing into the field and bursting into flames. In the distance a man, perhaps the pilot, is running from the scene, but the woman seems apathetic to the disaster occurring behind her.This artist endows his subjects with mystery and intrigue.

Each character seems to have a story to tell, and we are challenged to fill in the blanks with our own imaginations.Azdejkovic graduated from the Art Academy in Belgrade. The last several years he has lived in Petrovac na Mlavi in Eastern Serbia.

He exhibits both nationally and abroad, and is a member of ULUS (Association of Serbian Artists).