Autochartist Review

What is & how to download and use Autochartist for MT4

Autochartist is an advanced tool for the automatic identification of chart patterns such as Wedges, Triangles, Head & Shoulders, as well as Fibonacci Patterns.

These patterns are distributed to traders in real time via a web interface. Autochartist keeps track of financial instruments 24 hours per day immediately uncovering trade opportunities and alerting people to these possibilities while they happen.

The Autochartist interface is extremely customizable whereby traders can filter any unwanted information to go through the areas and time frames of great interest.

Autochartist browses Forex markets from fifteen minutes to the daily chart timeframes.

To download autochartist go to: and follow the instructions on the page.

To learn how to use Autochartist you can download the user manual in PDF, which contain step-by-step instructions on how to use this tool.

Autochartist patterns

Autochartist Chart Patterns